ÆR out 22nd of January by Outhere Music!

"ÆR (Fuga Libera | Outhere Music) is an album by Peltomaa Fraanje Perkola, an unorthodox Dutch/Finnish trio for voice, piano and viola da gamba, which takes medieval hymns and transforms them into quizzical, drone-based experimental miniatures.”

- The Guardian 1/2021


"Rarely is medieval music combined with modern improvisation with such style" / "The album touches the soul with slow and gentle movement and irresistible power" 

-Kare Eskola Yle 1/2021


UT oUT 4th of December by Eclipse Music!

”Ut is one of the most interesting sounding albums I’ve heard in a long time” … ”This one came straight out of nowhere and immediately captured my heart. More exceptional beauty from Scandinavia, it’s Finland this time where Ensemble Gamut! offer breathtaking reinterpretations of Finish folk and early music with a modern sheen.”

- Jez Rowden - The Progressive Aspect, Best progressive albums of 2020

"The debut album UT is characterized by natural and relaxed musicianship. [--] Peltomaa has a sheer and beautiful soprano voice, good rhythm and fine, precise ornaments. [--] The repertoire includes medieval and renaissance music from continental Europe and Finnish folk music as a counterweight. The combination fits perfectly well and several of the musicians have experience of both genres."

- Tove Djupsjöbacka, 2.12.2020

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