Harmony of the Spheres

Harmony of the Spheres is a crossover project combining different musical traditions with visual designs and soundscapes exploring space and time. In the center there are songs by Hildegard von Bingen (1098 - 1179) medieval nun, mystic, healer and composer who had Divine visions throughout her life. These songs are accompanied by 3D surround soundscapes that are based on ratios of planetary orbits, following ideas presented by Pythagoras and Ptolemy and later developed by Kepler and Newton. The accent idea was that celestial bodies - sun, moon and planets - have their own orbital resonance, a metaphysical hum that can be reduced to numerical proportions creating musical harmony. Our aim is to explore cosmology and humanity by creating a journey to the solar system and our minds - to have a meditative moment with beautiful sounds and visions.


Aino Peltomaa - Voice

Antti Peltomaa - Soundscapes and Bouzouki

Jorma Kalevi Louhivuori - Trumpet




Kaamos ; [ˈkɑːmos] / (The period of darkness in Finland when the sun does not rise over the horizon).


An international collaboration of Aino Peltomaa/FIN (voice) and Nathan Wouters/BE (double bass/electronics), exploring light and darkness and the endless possibilities of their instruments. From delicate, fragile acoustic textures up to overwhealming spectral soundscapes. Aino’s lyrics inspired by Finnish mythology combined with Nathan’s compositions create a unique journey in and beyond the perception of time. Combining written material interlinked with improvisation the duo creates a unique pallet of colours to tickle their audiences ears. At the moment [ˈkɑːmos] is preparing their debut album that will be released late 2019.


Aino Peltomaa: Vocals / Lyrics Nathan Wouters: Double Bass / Electronics / Compositionsˈkɑːmos

Recorded, Mixed, Edited and Filmed by ERIK BOGAERTS

Ensemble Gamut!

Ensemble Gamut! is a fresh, experimental collective of early music and folk music specialists, who are constantly searching for new ways to perform early music. Extensive experience of medieval, renaissance and baroque music, Finnish folk music and improvisation as well as strong curiosity for new soundscapes create a unique combination of colors.

Aino Peltomaa, soprano, percussions, harp

Ilkka Heinonen, The finnish bowed lyre, “jouhikko”, g-violone

Juho Myllylä, recorders, electronics

Marianna Henriksson, harpsichord

Recorded by TUUKKA TERVO

Mixed, Edited, Filmed by JYRI SARIOLA, Mimix Studios


An international trio of versatile musicians from jazz and early music creates a unique, dreamlike journey, painting soundscapes and colors with their imaginative compositions.


Taking inspiration from medieval melodies from the 1200th century, the group combines the sounds of a human voice, piano, amplified viola da gamba with effects and medieval harp. In their program "AER", the group dives into the chants of Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179), Pérotin (13th century), gregorian melodies and 13th century pilgrimidge songs, transforming the ancient melodies into beautiful and relaxing cinematic soundscapes. Their own compositions speak the same modal language as the medieval melodies, and connect the centuries into each other.

Aino Peltomaa - voice & medieval harp

Harmen Fraanje - piano

Mikko Perkola - viola da gamba & effects

Recorded and Mixed by TUUKKA TERVO



Recorded and Mixed by TUUKKA TERVO



A trio, specialized in medieval, renessaince and contemporary music.

Aino Peltomaa, soprano, recorder, harp, percusisons

Eira Karlson, mezzosoprano, fidel

Susanna Tollet, alto, recorders, lyre,

Lasse Lindgren, compositions, bass, synthesizer

Aino Peltomaa, vocals, harp, percussions

Tuukka Tervo, synthesizer


Early music ensemble

Aino Peltomaa, soprano, harp, recorder

Eira Karlson, mezzosoprano, fidel

Antti Kataja, tenor

William Häggblom, baritone

Petros Paukkunen, bass, organ

Timo Peedu, lute

Ville Voipio, gamba

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