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"Aino Peltomaa´s voice has extraordinary accuracy for melismatic brilliance" 

Jemo Kettunen, Keskisuomalainen 

Aino Peltomaa is a Finnish singer and musician, performing widely with medieval, renaissance, improvised and contemporary music. Peltomaa collaborates actively with musicians and artists from different genres and performs regularly in Finland and abroad. Her innovative projects combine elements from early music, folk and jazz, visual arts and dance.

Peltomaa leads and co-leads groups such as: Peltomaa Fraanje Perkola, Ensemble Gamut! Amor Céu, Harmony of the Spheres, ´k:amos, trio Sufira and has recorded for labels such as Outhere Music, Eclipse Music and Aspen Edities.


Peltomaa´s recent album ÆR was chosen as the album of the week by the French Musiq3 radio station. Her other album ”UT” received ”The early music achievement of the year” -prize, and was chosen as one of the best progressive music albums of 2020 by Jez Rowden/The Progressive Aspect. Accordingly it was chosen as one of the best classical music albums in Finland 2021. 


She works in the Finnish Chamber Choir and holds retreats and meditation concerts that combine gregorian chant, yoga and meditation. Master of Art in Music, Master of Art in Psychology.

Aino Peltomaa vocalist, woman sitting on a bench
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