"Aino Peltomaa´s voice has extraordinary accuracy for melismatic brilliance" 

Jemo Kettunen, Keskisuomalainen 

Aino Peltomaa is a Finnish singer and musician, performing widely with medieval, renaissance, improvised and contemporary music. Peltomaa collaborates actively with musicians and artist from different genres and performs regularly in Finland and abroad. Her innovative projects combine elements from early music, folk music and jazz, visual arts, dance and multimedia. Peltomaa performs with choirs and ensembles and collaborates with internationally renowned conductors and artists. 


Peltomaa is actively asked to work with choirs and her vocal arrangements have been performed e.g by Emma Salokoski voices. In 2018, she directed and performed Ordo Virtutum by Hildegard von Bingen for the Finnish Kaari Ensemble. She gives out retrits and courses, combining yoga, chant and meditation. Peltomaa has recieved various grants for her work from Finnish cultural foundations (eg. Taike, MES, SKR).

Master of Arts in Music (outsanding)

Master of Arts in Psychology (laudable)

Studies in Suomalainen Konservatorio

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